• Address:  Praia de Araçatiba, Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Phone:  +55 24 99303-0376
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Who we are

Who we are
A Pousada
Who we are

Our history and the birth of our philosophy!

The natural well came in 1989 when I came to live here permanently, but when I got here people were not used to plant and cultivate the soil.

As at that time had no electricity, food and drinks were kept well to the natural sand boxes in the shadows beneath bamboo grove.

The name came about due to plant organic garden, as bean planting, cassava, among other kinds of food that could be the most time on earth.

Hence, chicken were coming up with fresh eggs, planting several trees to mountain reforestation, feet fruit, such as cherry, mango, cashew, banana, cherry, Earl of fruit, custard apple, rose apple, etc.

To appear natural and had a lot of work to keep this place preserved and have this desire to preserve to this day, always maintaining for its totally natural preservation.

For you know a little more natural right, come visit us and enjoy the natural foods made in wood-burning stove and enjoy the look of the sun and the sunset.