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Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a natural pool with a sandy bottom, some rocks and water predominantly blue, located between two islands in the important historical region of Santana Parish. The place is a geographical aggregate of Monkey Island, whose northern end, is the point of the Big Island that is closest to the mainland. The area is beautiful with places worthy of calling paradise. Is very close to other sensational beaches, grumixama, Whale, South and North Parish.

Blue Lagoon tourist nickname inspired by the '80s movie classic with Brooke Shieldes actress, is a tourist point of the hottest of the Big Island The boats are anchored and visitors can descend to swim, float with "noodles" (foam floats) provided by the crews, snorkel or feed the fish "sargentinhos" (scientific name abdufdef) with bread crumbs, since addicts being fed by visitors. In high summer, the region is packed with boats, sailboats, schooners.

  • You can find snacks, coconut water and drinks served by bar boats and canoes that provide the service in the summer season, riding daily duty;

Getting into the Blue Lagoon:

  • Only sea by schooner, trawler or boat departing from Abraham, Palmas, the Star Creek, Bananal, Sitio Forte and Araçatiba.