Jorge Grego is a small island off the southeast coast of the Big Island, in the open sea, facing the cove of Lopes Mendes and Two Rivers. It has about 1 square kilometer area, is empty, no drinking water and low vegetation. The side facing the Big Island provides shelter to vessels that are caught in the southwest wind. The name Jorge Greek comes from the legend of a privateer that sank nearby and housed on the island for many years. How it will survive an inhospitable island?

The island of Jorge Greek is one of the best places of Ilha Grande Dive. The oceanic underwater environment is rich in corals, fish, turtles, octopus, squid, shrimp, crabs, sea horse and dolphins that often accompany the boats delighting passengers. In the air, the gulls and boobies islanders are always present.

The schooner or boat, called Super South takes you to Jorge Grego. Vessels authorized by the Port Authority to conduct this tour, Super South, depart for the most part the village of Abraham, in the summer outputs have more often. Anchor in the sheltered part, facing the beach of Lopes Mendes and Two Rivers, where visitors can enjoy the practice of snorkel for the observation of fish and corals. Also fishing is allowed with line.

  • The realization of this tour and diving activity climatic conditions is conditional, because it is on the open sea navigation, outside Baia limit the Big Island, and few vessels are technically qualified to tourist transport in the "outside" . 
    So look for their conduct tours in serious and qualified vessels, ensuring safety and fun for you and whoever else is next!

Getting into Jorge Greek Island:

  • Only by schooner or boat, departing from Abraham mostly or by scuba diving activity.