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Ponta do Drago & Meros

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Ponta do Drago & Meros
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Ponta do Drago & Meros
Navigating their way to the beach Adventurer from the west, we passed the famous tip of Drago at the turn of the cove of South Beach. When the sea is rough, the collision of waves is of such intensity that the foam can be seen from Parnaioca beach, 9.5 km away. The name comes from a curious rock formation that resembles a lizard, a reptile or a dragon, according to the imagination of each.

Very close is one of the leading ends of the Big Island, the tip of Meros, where there is a lighthouse to mark the bay entrance of Ilha Grande on the border of the open ocean. The passage in its outline is always a concern for sailors with small boats, even the locals. This gave rise to the creation of a legend by the ancient natives, linking to an image of fear and respect that here was the image of a dragon (Drago).

Curiosity: The Legend of Drago

"They say that in the times of pirates, attracted ships there approached and picked up a sailor. Sending warning in Rome the fact. The Holy Father came to visit the island as soon as they got the message, traveled for a few months when he arrived here, came benzendo and cursing. The animal fell into the sea, the ocean currents, heading southeast, no one ever saw the beast . "- My Holy - Excerpted from the book Legends of the Big Island of Neuseli Cardoso . 

Main attractions:

Geological curiosities, legend and local culture.

  • Despite being constantly buffeted by winds and storms south, this area is great for fishing

How to get the tips of Meros and Drago:

  • Only the sea, from Provetá (nearest point), Araçatiba, Red Beach;
  • Starting from the Abraham held ride schooner or boats called back to the island. After the stop at the beach Adventurer the vessel script pass very close to the tip of Drago end of Mere and will stop at the beach of mers.