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Waterfall Witch

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Waterfall Witch
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Waterfall Witch

Bewitched waterfall is spectacular beauty and exalts the admiration of those who visit it, is certainly one of the best walks across the Big Island and right script anyone make the most of all that the island has to offer.

The path to the waterfall Witch is an average path rises and falls with the bush, with closed sections and thin vegetation. Upon arriving, the spectacle of the waterfall about 15 meters high worth the effort and certifies the title of being the most visited of the Big Island waterfalls. Destination also for the adventurous who do abseiling on the Big Island.

The stone slide and the natural pool of Witch complement the spectacle of nature.

Getting into Waterfall Witch:

  • Walking from the village of Abraham a track T1 and T2 start the track, under the aqueduct. After the hill side, you will be in the land of the Stars Cove, the descent will be a branch to the left, up the hill. To get to the waterfall there is a well sloping descent that will take the banks of the Rio Iguaçu, the waterfall is "hidden" a little higher;
  • Going by taxi-boat, rented Abraham, to Praia da Witch or Iguaçu Beach, and take the T2 track, meaning Abraham;
  • Walking from the bag of Heaven, the trail T2