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Castelhanos Lighthouse

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Castelhanos Lighthouse
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Castelhanos Lighthouse
The Castilians lighthouse on the Big Island is one of the oldest (and outdated) headlights of the Brazilian coast. Built in the 19th century, established in 1900 and retains its original design of French technique with purely mechanical mechanisms and crystal lenses. It is located at the extreme tip of the Big Island, east side. The site is of extreme natural beauty, rich history and conveys a very large Paz.

The trail to the lighthouse is medium grade, with climbs and light / medium descents. Easy to walk to the beach Castilians, however, following to the Lighthouse, may submit stretch clogged the woods because this track is very little used.

Curiosity about Castelhanos lighthouse:

  • The Summit with about 2 meters in diameter, which are three pairs of crystal lenses and very thick glass, floating on liquid mercury tank;
  • The rotation, 2 rpm (revolutions per minute) is generated by a free weight, attached by a cable to the down, drives the gear mechanism, every 3 hours during the night duty lighthouse keeper lift the weight through one crank so that the lighthouse does not stop spinning, as "winding up an old clock";
  • The speed of rotation is controlled by a complex mechanism of springs and gears;
  • The main lighting system provided by diesel generator has a gas nozzle support with emergency. Originally the lighting was provided by acetylene gas and then by butane gas;
  • Its characteristic features light 03 white concealments group of 10 seconds long, at an altitude of 121 meters with a range of 27 nautical miles and 238 ° visibility sector.
  • Prefer to get to the lighthouse by boat ride (have to rent one since there is no regular tour );
  • Upon arrival at the dock, a track will rise to the level of 100 meters, which takes between 5 and 10 minute walk;
  • The T12 track, being little used may present excerpts clogged the woods;
  • Upon arriving at the lighthouse, the back if walking or ahead if boat, call before entering the Navy area, introduce yourself to the lighthouse keeper - member of the Brazilian Navy. To fully enjoy this spot the ideal is to go with time to get to know in detail the operation and life in a lighthouse. Sign the guest book and see how many people were here in those years.

Getting into the Castilians Lighthouse:

  • Walking from the beach Pouso Pouso - Palmas Cove, the trail;
  • Renting a boat in Palmas or Abraham.