• Address:  Praia de Araçatiba, Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Phone:  +55 24 99303-0376
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light walking by roads and trails amidst the woods or bordering the sea providing beautiful scenery, which can often thrill us when we walk contemplating nature, breathing the fresh air and feeling the sea breeze.For those who like to see nature up close and witness every detail of Ilha Grande, walking is the best. Hiking trails are easy and fun. You just need a good pair of shoes, disposition and spirit of adventure.

They are considered flat stretches in general, with some hills of low height, easy terrain to walk in shade most of the percuso with some unsheltered parts. Time of maximum 2 hours. In fact, the duration of the walk can always be defined by the practitioner, because you can choose to go back or continue at any time.

Hiking in Araçatiba Cove:

  • Circuit of the great beach, from Waterfall Beach to Aracatiba Beach (Araçatibinha is the local term) by T6 and T8 tracks.