• Address:  Praia de Araçatiba, Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Cave Acaiá

Cave Acaiá
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Cave Acaiá

The Cave Acaiá hides inside a wonderful spectacle. About 8 meters below sea level, there is a crack in the stone coast, where sea water has access to an underground room where there is a beach underground rock. Sunlight, propagated in water forms the fluorescence phenomenon that is impressive. In total darkness, we see a turquoise mist with flashing and bright spots as if they were diamonds.

The cave has about 30 meters wide and an average height of 1 meter. Access is by land, down a cave with narrow and difficult passage, almost 10 meters of the route is creeping and it is easy to dirty clothes. 

The trail that leads to Acaiá Cave is easy to walk, with small ups and downs, some wasteland stretches, sparse vegetation.

Curiosity about the cave of Acaiá:

The shape of the cavern can be compared as a bottle, whose bottom was connected with the sea and the neck opening is above the die. When the sea is with ocean currents and strong waves, the movement up and down the waves inside the cave, also causes a buzz in the air, suction and expiration. The intensity of the air stream can flutter such that gives hair long and strong enough to stir the foliage of the trees that are in the top entry.

There is a small site Arquelogico on the property, popularly called sambaqui and in 2013, an archaeological exploration found human bones which were estimated to 250 years and 3000 years.

  • It is useful cell flashlight use. Remember that the flash of cameras will eclipse the light of the sun reflected in seawater;
  • The fluorescence phenomenon is very sensitive to sunlight intensity so on cloudy days there will be;
  • There is no electricity, there is accommodation, the location with the nearest hotels is Red Beach;
  • As is within a particular property, maintenance and cleaning is done by the resident family on site. an entrance fee is charged inside the cave (R $ 10.00);
  • At the site you can listen interesting story about the lives of the natives of the region, economic activities, Indians and pirates.

Getting into the cave Acaiá:

  • Walking from Araçatiba, the track T8 (which leads to the tube). After leaving the beach Araçatibinha, there will be a junction which initiates the T7 track, passing the beaches of Itaguaçú and Red. After the Red beach walk is 5 km round trip;
  • Making a boat tour, schooner or boat from Abraham, Bananal, strong spot, Araçatiba or Red Beach. Find out best in promenades;
  • At Flexboat Natiga 1 - (24) 999 228 918 (Live) that connects all beaches from Parnaioca to Bananal with Kings Creek.

To visit the cave you can make contact with the locals, valdeli ( "Cricket") or Claudette and schedule your visit. Telephones (24) 999 851 508.