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Parrot Peak

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Parrot Peak
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Parrot Peak
Pico parrot with 982 meters above sea level is the second highest point of Ilha Grande, just below the Pico da Pedra d'Água with 1035 meters. From the top we have a panoramic view (about 300 degrees of wide angle) of almost all the Big Island, the mainland from Angra dos Reis to the Restinga of Marambaia. If the weather is wide open, with no cloudiness, it is possible to see the Pedra da Gávea, in the south of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The trail Pico kite is the most difficult of all the Big Island in dense forest with large slope of land, there is no view of the sky. The land has variations in soil with stony stretches and several trees traversed on track.

Level of difficulty:  Difficult 
Travel time:  From 02 to 03 hours one-way.

Curiosity about peak Parrot:

It is a monumental stone many faces. Depending on the angle and position that we look, we can imagine a dog or a mouse.

Main attraction:

Contemplating the view of almost all the Big Island and feel the peace and harmony of nature, reflect and admire the beautiful view.

  • There is no drinking water in Pico. Fill your water bottle in the passage by the first river crossing on the trail. There is no other;
  • Take sunglasses and sunscreen - The top is a rock outcrop;
  • It is very advisable to hire a local guide and is ideal leave early to enjoy the walk, take time to rest, enjoy the landscape, photograph and begin the descent to maximum 15h. The night comes much earlier on this track and it is not allowed to camp on the peak or in its surroundings;
  • There is a real possibility of getting lost in the woods, especially in return. Several cases have been registered in the barracks of the Fire Department from Abraão Village.

How to get to the Parrot Peak:

  • Only walking from Abraham by road to the town of Two Rivers - T14 track. After about 1500m in T14, it is the track start point to the peak Kite (T13) that starts strong increase in the right. The total walking time from the village of Abraham, round trip, is 3.5 to 5 hours, over some length of stay at the top of the peak.