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Motorboat / Boat

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Motorboat / Boat
Motorboat / Boat
The boats with hulls constructed of aluminum or glass fiber and driven by petrol outboard motors are lightweight and fast boats. Their sizes vary slightly, smaller with a capacity between 5 and 8 passengers, medium sized capacity from 9 to 16 and the largest transporting 17-30 passgeiros, which can be equipped with 1 or 2 motors which are safer for navigation offshore, ie, outside the bounds of Ilha Grande Bay. They must also be registered in the Navy and regulated by the Captaincy of Ports, meeting the legal requirements.

Boats boats are widely used for tourism work across the Bay of Ilha Grande, either for tours or transfers to and from the continent. Because they are lightweight and fast, allow more time to stop on the beaches and attractive, so are ideal to be rented by small groups or families who want to enjoy a more private tour, and can even be customized in accordance with the driver / owner.

Boat is a very general term (which also includes speedboat). Here we apply to timber vessels, trawler type of fishing, with capacities from 10 to 60 passengers, equipped with diesel engines and carrying so much slower than the boats but on the other hand can provide a more contemplative tour of landscapes at a lower cost.

On tours by boat or boats:

  • Generally between 09h and 12h start and end around 16:00 to 19:00;
  • Prices for boat rides range from $ 80.00 to R $ 200.00 per person;
  • They can be purchased at agencies tours or in hostels, depending on the hosting locality;
  • The boats are moved to the attractive sites where they stopped with duration of 45 minutes to 2 hours;
  • Some tours include stop for lunch in the restaurant, paid part;
  • In some boats there may be water, soda, beer;
  • Equipment to practice floating / snorkel (mask, respirator and fins) may be included or not depends on the agency.
  • You can find snacks, coconut water and drinks served by bar boats and canoes that provide the service in the summer season, riding daily duty;

Getting into the Blue Lagoon:

  • Only sea by schooner, trawler or boat departing from Abraham, Palmas, the Star Creek, Bananal, Sitio Forte and Araçatiba.