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Neighborhood Guide
Motorboat / Boat

Schooner boats are built in wood, characterized by having high masts 2 and a long shank in front. Conceptually they are able to navigate with candles but all have diesel engines. Their sizes vary widely, from small to blending from 15 to 40 passengers, of average size, with capacity from 40 to 100 passengers and the large ones for over 100 passengers, which can be equipped with two engines, safer for navigation at sea, that is, outside the boundaries of geographical bays.

Schooners are very vessels used for tourism work across the Bay of Ilha Grande and the whole Brazilian coast. As a curiosity, we mention that the cradle of the schooner is a place called Cajaíba - Valencia - BA.

About tours schooners:

  • Onset between 09h and 12h and end around 16h to 19h;
  • The price of the boat tours range from $ 30.00 to R $ 100.00 per person;
  • They can be purchased at agencies tours or in hostels, depending on the hosting locality;
  • The escunas are moved to the attractive sites where they stops lasting 40-60 minutes;
  • Some tours include stop for lunch in the restaurant, paid part;
  • The crews of the schooners, serve seasonal fruits and floats (commonly known as noodles), these included in the price;
  • In some schooners, the crew sells water, soda, beer, caipirinhas, snacks and savory;
  • Equipment to practice floating / snorkel (mask, respirator and fins) may be included or not depends on the agency;
  • Some schooners may have the presence of a photographer from whom you can buy the service to record pictures and record movies underwater inclusive.
  • You can find snacks, coconut water and drinks served by bar boats and canoes that provide the service in the summer season, riding daily duty;

Getting into the Blue Lagoon:

  • Only sea by schooner, trawler or boat departing from Abraham, Palmas, the Star Creek, Bananal, Sitio Forte and Araçatiba.